Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Federated Law Group is a multi-jurisdictional law firm located in Florida with a specific focus on creditors rights, contract law, civil litigation, and judgment execution.  We are currently operational in Florida, Puerto Rico, Louisiana, and Georgia.  We are pleased to announce that we have recently expanded operations into NEW JERSEY.  We will be practicing throughout the state and are very excited for this opportunity.  Our streamlined approach to litigating matters concerning credit cards, student loans, business loans, consumer loans, personal guarantee loans, and lines of credit makes us an ideal organization to execute in the Garden State.

If you receive a notice from our office, we would like to speak with you about your case.  Please feel free to contact us at 
800-217-1685 or you can simply send an email to  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Federated Law Group is excited to announce our our expansion

Federated Law Group is a multi-jurisdictional law firm, focused on creditors’ rights and litigating contract disputes.  Federated is pleased to announce that we are now fully operational in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Puerto Rico.

We specialize in litigating matters involving defaulted credit cards, business loans, commercial lines of credit, consumer loans, and student loans.  We handle all aspects of litigation including pre-lawsuit efforts through post-judgment execution.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What happens if a debtor simply ignores the calls, ignores the letters, and avoids the lawsuit?

What happens if a debtor simply ignores the calls, ignores the letters, and avoids the lawsuit? In some cases this tactic may work. Some agencies are only permitted to attempt to collect debt for a limited period of time and with no real threat of litigation. Filing lawsuits against thousands of people in Florida is an expensive proposition for most companies. Federated Law Group is different in that we ONLY work debt that is intended for litigation. Our clients retain us to pursue the debt through to judgment AND enforce the judgment. Essentially this means that regardless of attempts to hide, avoid, or ignore attempts to collect on the balance or court notices eventually we will get the case heard. When an individual ignores attempts to resolve the matter prior to litigation we simply file suit. If the lawsuit is ignored we may be forced to either hire the sheriff to track the defendant down or publish the information about the case in the local newspaper. Simply put - ignoring the matter will NOT make it go away. We are here to help @ 800.217.1685

Friday, April 19, 2013

Does Federated Law or CACH have proof of alleged debt?

As a rule of thumb Federated wont file a lawsuit OR legally pursue a debt unless we have proof of the debt. We will not file a lawsuit unless the debt is valid and documentable with original documentation, affidavits, and witnesses. The filing of a lawsuit if an expensive venture and we will not risk our time, our reputation, or our clients case without ample proof that the debt is owed and valid. If you have a question about your debt with CACH, LLC being pursued by Federated Law Group please contact our office immediately at 800.217.1685

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Who is CACH, LLC and why do I owe them money?

CACH is a financial institution that purchases assets from creditors, lending institutions, banks, and other credit facilities. When they purchase accounts they now become the rightful owner of the debt and the obligation is now their property. The transferring bank relinquishes all rights to the account and any monies owed become the rightful property of CACH. CACH, LLC utilizes third party firms like Federated Law Group to pursue the account through the court system when necessary. Federated works on behalf of CACH to enforce the debts that are delinquent and attempts to negotiate payments arrangements, settlements, or other financial remedies in lieu of litigation whenever possible. If you have a debt owed to CACH and we are contacting you it is imperative that we speak with you as soon as possible! Call us today at 800.217.1685

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Federated Law Group is pursuing me. Are they going to sue?

Federated Law Group is pursuing me. Are they going to sue? Short answer is YES. It is our intent to pursue debt through the court system and in the majority of cases placed with our office we do file suit. This is not a threat - it is just a simple matter of reality. The ONLY way to insure that we will NOT file suit over an unpaid debt is to have a discussion with our office to come up with a financial arrangement so that we can notify our client of your intent to resolve the matter amicably. By the time the file has reached our office the decision has been made to pursue the debt through court. We would much rather entertain a resolution than have to proceed with litigation. Call our office today so we can discuss your circumstances and attempt to resolve the matter. 800.217.1685